Services / Accomplishments of The VIS

*VIS Food Bank and kitchen for our citizens and general public open 7 days a week 8am- 8pm


*Free or Discounted Educational clinics, tours and seminars embodied in Native American History, Environmental Awareness centering on the degradation of our Traditional Homelands.


*Provide and deliver 30, ceremonial, sweatlodge, willow saplings for Native American inmates at Marion Federal Prison.


*Provide Native, cultural/religious services including sweatlodges/counseling, for our citizens and/or other tribal people on a monthly basis or as needed.


*Provide discounted (or free, depending on circumstances) cabin for the night for travelers seeking refuge


*Provide 24/7, onsite, or by phone, traditional counseling for those needing social, spiritual or psychological (psychotherapy/licensed social workers on call) support in time of grief, crisis, etc.


*Sponsor 3, large scale, FREE events/festivals/traditional feasts: Midwinter Feast, Wild Onion Festival and Reconnection Days that include the demonstration and teaching of traditional technologies/survival skills and the reintroduction of traditional dances and songs.


*Provide genealogy support to our citizens needing assistance in tracking ancestors related to the Shawnee/Vinyard people


*Provide discounted or free youth workshops based in Native cultural and traditional living skills including flint knapping, friction fires, archery, songs, plant and clay gathering, etc.


*Free or discounted, poetry writing workshops for youth, college students, and church groups wanting to connect to the earth from a Native perspective.


*Acquire some of our Traditional homelands for the benefit of our Vinyard citizens and others who want to support our vision of land stewardship and reclamation.


*Plan workshops around connections with the safety of elders while utilizing

their skills for gardening, hunting, sewing, clay work, and other traditional techniques.

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