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Memorial Thoughts for Barney Bush (1944-2021)

barney, i am profoundly sad at your passing, the saddess i have been in my life. not just sad for myself but for all indian peoples and native peoples throughout the world. my condolences to all of barneys brothers and sisters out there and his thousands of children, all of his students. i have received many phone calls since i learned of your leaving on monday from delbert. many have commented how angry you would get at times, but i knew that anger, and it was for the injustices you saw in the world and at those you loved that chose to do themselves or others harm. i also experienced the most caring, compassionate, and gentle spirit when hard times fell on people not of their making. i experienced this with everyone of our students not only in the schools we taught in together, but the students we shared in our many workshops throughout the country and overseas. you could see the anger in your poetry, anger at injustices past and present,but to know you they had to read your poems on nature and the beauty that the creator has given us. you were a true warrior in this world for our people, now may you be able to lay down your weapons and be at peace in the next world. you have taught us well. this is my last day to grieve and to let you make your journey. your legacy is to all the children you taught, loved and influenced. to them i say remember what you said, what you so passionately taught them and for them to carry on the fight, you rest now my brother. i take out the eagle feather each night now, the same one red haired women handed you after your car accident. whoever has your medicine bundle and beaded moccasins, please place by your ashes for your safe journey. brother lance, you now have the ball and continue to be the warrior you are. mee gwitch for being my brother, my friend, mentor and the present day tecumseh who tried to bring all the indian nations together to fight for who and what we all share. i will see you sometime soon bushee.  (from David Shorey)