​Past & Present Contributors

The Council of the Vinyard Indian Settlement would like to thank the following people and organizations that contributed time, money, and/or advice:

2016-2020 Contributors

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2014-2015 Contributors

Pam and Lan Richart

Debra Michaud

Wellington Avenue United  Church of Christ

Sandra Sodano

Pearl Casias of the Southern Ute Tribe

Mark LaRoque

Indiana State Historical Society

Illinois State Historical Society

Leslie Hester 

Delta Gateway Museum

John Echo-Hawk

Judy and Glen Kellan

Jeff Biggers

Juli Claussen

David Shorey

Judith Bullock

Lisa Schnorff Henson



Aaron Lazaro

Bill & Chi Carr

Carol Keasler

Daniel Davidson

Darren Crab

David Humphrey

Dayna Connor

Debra Michaud

Eddie Lopez

Eric Marten & Family

Frank Starnes

Governor George Blanchard & the Absentee Shawnee Tribal Council of Oklahoma

James Bond of the Money Stretcher

James R. Carr

Jeff Biggers

Joshua Thorne

Joyce Rheal

Leon Russell

Mary Rivera

Mike Maynard

Monica Kujawa

Pope County Board of Commissioners

Phil & Vivian Bush

Roy Wasson & Family

Sam & Geneil Stearns

Tabitha Tripp

Terri Deneal (In Memory)

The Elder Council of the Vinyard Indian Settlement

The Hardin County Independent

The Harrisburg Daily Register

The Herald Enterprise

The Native American Church of Pearl River Choctaw of Mississippi

The Southern Illinoisan

The Trails of Awareness Project

The Vinyard Indian Settlement Executive Council