PRESS RELEASE:  September 23, 2011

Follow up from Hisokanwa Reconnection Days 2011.  The Council of the Vinyard Indian Settlement would like to thank the following people and organizations that contributed to and helped us celebrate the 201st Anniversary here in our homelands this past weekend!

  • •George Blanchard and the Absentee Shawnee Tribal Council of Oklahoma
  • •James Bone of the Money Stretcher
  • •The Harrisburg Daily Register
  • •The Trails of Awareness Project
  • •The Southern Illinoisan
  • •Sam and Geneil Stearns
  • •Mike Maynard
  • •Eric Martin and Family
  • •The Native Am•erican Church of Pearl River Choctaw of Mississippi
  • •David Humphrey
  • •Roy Wasson and Family
  • •James R. Carr
  • •Monica Kujawa
  • •Darren Crab
  • •Daniel Davidson
  • •Carol Keasler
  • •The Vinyard Indian Settlement Executive Council
  • •The Herald Enterprise
  • •Frank Starnes
  • •The Elder Council of the Vinyard Indian Settlement.  Without your help this event could not have been a success!